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CitraLith .. Stopping Kidney Stones with Magnesium Citrate

Theralogix nutritional supplements certified for purity; discounted; free shipping

Place your order here .. or click the image below for pricing information or to place your order.  Adding a product to your Theralogix online shopping cart will apply both free shipping and your Northlake Urology patient discount.  Your cost will be the lesser (lower) of the two prices shown.  For any question please call us at (985) 345-5500.

Theralogix CitraLith kidney stone prevention supplement $74; discounted; free shipping
Theralogix nutritional supplements certified for purity; discounted; free shipping

Made in the USA, CitraLith is our newest and most popular product supporting of kidney stone prevention and treatment.  This gluten free, dye-free, GMP-certified vitamin and mineral supplement is delivered in individual powder packets intended to be stirred into a glass of water twice daily.


CitraLith is a natural nonprescription lower-cost alternative to pharmaceuticals commonly prescribed by urologists for the prevention and treatment of kidney stones.  It is a particularly important supplement for kidney stone formers having low urinary magnesium levels, low urinary citrate levels, elevated urinary calcium levels, and acidic urine pH.  The ingredients in CitraLith work to help reduce the risk of uric acid crystal formation, a process that may serve as the root cause for the formation of many kidney stones. 


The vitamins and minerals contained in CitraLith have been proven to reduce calcium oxalate kidney stones, as well as, calcium phosphate kidney stones in clinical research studies.  In addition, CitraLith is currently being used by urologists at major US academic center as part of a soon-to-be-published clinical research study.


Kidney stone researchers indicate that high dietary magnesium intake is directly linked to high urinary magnesium levels.  The research suggests that urinary magnesium inhibits kidney stone crystallization and magnesium intake also reduces urinary oxalate levels, thus reducing stone formation in those patients who having the most common form of kidney stones -- calcium oxalate.  Thus CitraLith offers stone formers all of the advantages of a preparation which: 

  • dissolves in water (a required treatment for all kidney stone formers),

  • magnesium (which reduces urine oxalate and inhibits stone crystallization),

  • vitamin B6 / pyridoxine (reducing urinary oxalate),

  • citrate (resulting in decreased urinary acidity).


It can be challenging to find the right supplement with all these ingredients contained in the same formulation, all in one place, and all for a price lower than similar prescription preparations.  CitraLith makes it easy! 


Click the picture for more information or to order.  When starting new medications or supplements, always check with your pharmacist about possible medication-supplement interactions.  Check with your urologist about which supplement, medication, or diet / lifestyle change may be right for you.  Also, read the FAQ information associated with this supplement and consider taking advantage of a free consultation one of our registered Theralogix dietitians.

Providing you with the best doctors for the best care

Dr. Stephen Watson

As one of the Northshore’s longest serving urologists, Dr. Stephen Watson has extensive experience with the medical and surgical healing arts involving his chosen specialty of urology. He introduced advanced reconstructive surgical procedures to the Northshore area years ago and prides himself in helping patients understand and eliminate urology problems.  Dr. Watson has been certified and re-certified by the American Board of Urology as well as the National Board of Physicians and Surgeons and welcomes new patients.

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Dr. Hal Neitzschman has served thousands of Northshore Urology patients in over 20 years of dedicated service.  He is a highly qualified and very experienced urologic surgeon, certified by the American Board of Urology as well as the National Board of Physicians and Surgeons.  He maintains six hospital affiliations, serving in leadership roles and providing top-of-class surgical and medical care to our patients across the Northshore today. 

Mr. Nathan Freeman

As one of the areas very best Physician Assistants, Nathan Freeman has served patients across the Northshore area for nearly 20 years.  He is an affable patient favorite who has worked with specialty physicians in Cardiology, Urology, Family Medicine and Emergency Care.

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