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Urologist and Patient
Urologic Surgery
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Urologists Analyzing X-Rays

Welcome to Northlake Urology, a partnership of board-certified Northshore urology physicians.  Our doctors have been providing the highest quality urology care on the Northshore for over twenty years.  Give us a call or book your appointment online.  We know you'll appreciate our helpful staff and friendly knowledgeable doctors.

Men's Health

Our Men's Health Clinic is the First Choice in men's health.  Our board certified health professionals have compiled more than 25 years of direct patient care experience with a focus on the unique medical issues of mature men.  Our mission is to assure our patients life Quality, as well as Longevity!

Adult Wellness Healthcare

Our wellness physicians and physician assistants practice adult wellness, attentively caring for women and men affected by obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, hypertension, lipid disorders (high cholesterol), sexual dysfunction and many other chronic adult medical illnesses in women and men.  

Taking care of your health

We accept most health insurance, most healthshare ministry arrangements, Medicare and discount direct cash-payment.

The Only Traditional Independent Private Urology Practice in Town

Northlake Urology is the only urology practice in Mandeville .. the only urology practice in Ponchatoula .. and the only independent private urology practice in Slidell.


We are specialists in urology. After college and medical school our doctors completed six additional years of surgery and urology specialty training and testing.

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