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Nurse Check-in
Frequently Asked Questions
Where are your offices located?

Ponchatoula (downtown) ,, 165 W Oak Street, Ponchatoula, LA  70454

Mandeville (on Interstate 12 at Hwy. 59) .. 1665 Dove Park Road, Suite 700, Mandeville, LA  70471


Slidell (in Slidell Memorial Hospital Founders building) .. 1150 Robert Blvd., Suite 350, Slidell, LA  70458

Are all of your urologists certified?

Yes.  All of our urologists are certified by the American Board of Urology, as well as the National Board of Physicians and Surgeons.

Which urologist is right for me?

Our urologists are caring practitioners with extensive experience in urologic surgery, cancer care, kidney stone care, female urinary tract infections (UTI), prostate enlargement, erectile dysfunction, low testosterone, and much more.


Dr. Watson specializes in outpatient office care (rather than hospital work) and is available to see new patients at our office locations in Ponchatoula, Slidell, and Mandeville.  If you prefer an experienced doctor who will provide you time, insight, and attention to detail, Dr. Watson is perfect.


Dr. Neitzschman is an excellent choice for patients who may be considering major surgical intervention, in addition to other general urology needs.  Dr. Neitzschman currently sees patients in our Slidell office, as well as at many area hospitals.

Why is Northlake Urology best?

We are the most experienced urology group on the Northshore.  Each of our practitioners has over 20 years of private practice experience in patient care.  We are strictly an independent private practice group.  This means that we are not employed, contracted, or otherwise obligated to any large medical conglomerate.  We work for no one but you.  The advice and care that our doctors provide is designed only with your personal needs and desires in mind.  We advocate for you, and no one else.

Must I have insurance?

No.  Medical insurance is not necessary.  Discount direct payments are accepted. 

What medical insurance do you accept?

We take most medical insurance plans including commercial plans, Medicare, Medicare advantage plans, and even health cost sharing plans (healthshare ministries).  Once you request an appointment we contact your plan to confirm acceptance and benefits.  Give us a call with your insurance information and we will check for you.

Do you accept Medicaid or Medicaid advantage plans?

No.  We are not accepting new patients with any form of Medicaid.  In Louisiana, potential patients covered by Medicaid may see their primary care physicians, the state Medicaid office, or the LSU system of hospitals and outpatient care facilities for directions to available urology services.

Do I need a referral to make an appointment?

No.  Referrals are not necessary.  You may schedule your appointment any time.  If we should find that medical records are needed, we will ask you to sign a form allowing us to request appropriate records.

Do your urologists see women and men?

Yes.  Women make up nearly half of our patients.  We evaluate women who suffer with urinary incontinence, urinary infections (UTI), atrophic vaginitis and many other female urological conditions.  Erectile dysfunction, low testosterone (hypogonadism), fatigue, decreased libido, prostate enlargement, PSA elevation, prostate cancer, bladder cancer, kidney stones, kidney cysts, kidney masses, kidney cancer, varicoceles, hydroceles, infertility, and vasectomy represent some of the many issues for which our male patients seek care with our doctors.

Do you use nurse practitioners?

No.  We do not use nurse practitioners.  We know many highly qualified nurse practitioners and respect their value in particular settings, such as primary care.  However, when patients seek very highly specialized medical care like urology, they typically want to know that the doctor is working directly on their behalf. 

May I see the doctor for face-to-face office visits?

Yes.  You may choose to see your our doctors for in person visits anytime you like.  We also see patients via telemedicine using our encrypted (private) computer or telephone portal.  However, the type of visit that you schedule is strictly your choice.

How soon may I see the urologist?

Quickly.   While our routine office schedule may be booked for several weeks, call us for more pressing needs and our doctors will work you into our schedules to get you seen quickly, even for new patients.

What should I do in the event of a true medical emergency?

Call 911 or go directly to the nearest quality hospital emergency room.  Not all hospitals have urology services and your doctor cannot be available at all times. 

Taking care of your urology health needs!

We accept most health insurance, healthshare ministry arrangements, Medicare or discount direct cash-payments for in-office visits and telehealth consultations.

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