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TheraCran One UTI .. Best Cranberry Value Tested

Theralogix Nutritional Supplements
bottle of TheraCran One cranberry UTI supplement by Theralogix
New bottle of TheraCran One side-by-side with old bottle of Theracran One

Made in the USA, TheraCran® One is our most effective and most popular cranberry supplement, chosen by as its "2021 Top Pick" for cranberry supplements for reducing "risk of recurrent urinary tract infections (UTI) in women, and possibly symptoms of overactive bladder, lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS), and symptoms of prostatitis" in men. 


Since 2019, Cranberry supplementation has been included in clinical guideline recommendations for the American Urological Association, the Canadian Urological Association, and the Society of Urodynamics, Female Pelvic Medicine & Urogenital Reconstruction for the management of urinary tract infection in women.  Guidelines site rising concern about growing antibiotic resistance of bacteria, as well as the excellent safety profile of cranberry as reasons that cranberry supplementation may be considered for management of recurrent urinary infection.

A recently released 2023 Cochrane Review of 50 different clinical research trails including over 8,000 patients found that cranberry products reduce the risk of symptomatic culture-verified UTIs as compared to placebo and other other therapies.  Cranberry tablets and capsules in particular were confirmed to significantly reduce UTIs in women experiencing recurrent urinary infections.  This same analysis finds that Cranberry supplements also reduce UTIs in both men and women at higher risk for infection.


ConsumerLab indicates, "Cranberries contain .. proanthocyanidins (PACs).  PACs have been shown to limit the ability of bacteria to adhere to the walls of the bladder and urinary tract.  By limiting this adhesion, PACs from cranberry, particularly water-soluble A-type PACs (at 36 mg once or twice per day) may reduce the risk of urinary tract infections."  PACs are thus believed to be the functional component of cranberry supplements with ConsumerLab testing confirming that TheraCran® contains the highest concentration of PACs of all cranberry products tested. 


What's more, TheraCran® One has been shown to have the lowest cost per dose (cost per unit of PAC) of any cranberry supplement tested.  TheraCran® One was thus determined to be the cranberry supplement of greatest value for urinary purposes, providing patients exactly what is needed, at the lowest cost of any cranberry product tested.

Click the picture for more information or to order.  When starting new medications or supplements, always check with your pharmacist about possible medication-supplement interactions.  Also, read the FAQ information associated with this supplement and consider taking advantage of a free consultation with a registered Theralogix dietitian.

Statements made herein have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration.  Product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

TheraCran One is the best value cranberry supplement as shown in this cost comparison graphic.
Red arrow pointing to best price for cranberry UTI supplement.
  • TheraCran® One high-potency cranberry supplement (CS) was tested and proven to be the most cost-effective cranberry supplement (ConsumerLab in 2021 .. see table to the left)

  • One capsule of TheraCran contains the entire amount (36 mg) of the active cranberry ingredient proanthocyanidin (PAC) necessary to prevent bacteria from adhering to the bladder wall. 

  • Patients get more PACs per dollar with TheraCran® One as compared to other CS as per the ConsumerLab study referenced.  Thus, TheraCran is the best value.  Paying less for cranberry supplements that may not supply adequate PACs may not work.

  • TheraCran® One is the only CS proven to reduce urinary tract infection (UTI) in a placebo controlled National Institute of Health (NIH) funded research trial.

  • TheraCran One is the only research tested cranberry supplement made in the USA and certified by NSF International for purity and PAC content.

  • American Urological Association (AUA) approves cranberry supplements for prevention of recurrent UTI.

Providing you with the best doctors for the best care

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Dr. Stephen Watson

As one of the Northshore’s longest serving urologists, Dr. Stephen Watson has extensive experience with the medical and surgical healing arts involving his chosen specialty of urology. He introduced advanced reconstructive surgical procedures to the Northshore area years ago and prides himself in helping patients understand and eliminate urology problems.  Dr. Watson has been certified and re-certified by the American Board of Urology as well as the National Board of Physicians and Surgeons and welcomes new patients.

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Dr. Hal Neitzschman

Dr. Hal Neitzschman has served thousands of Northshore Urology patients in over 20 years of dedicated service.  He is a highly qualified and very experienced urologic surgeon, certified by the American Board of Urology as well as the National Board of Physicians and Surgeons.  He maintains six hospital affiliations, serving in leadership roles and providing top-of-class surgical and medical care to our patients across the Northshore today. 

Mr. Nathan Freeman

As one of the areas very best Physician Assistants, Nathan Freeman has served patients across the Northshore area for nearly 20 years.  He is an affable patient favorite who has worked with specialty physicians in Cardiology, Urology, Family Medicine and Emergency Care.

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