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Just Getting Older .. or ED Getting Worse?

Feeling that loss of drive, rigidity, or staying power?  Wondering if you may just loose it completely next time up?  After all, who wants to play ball if you keep striking out!   Aging is part of living, but why suffer in silence when help is readily available? 


We see erectile dysfunction (ED) patients daily, and work helping men get back in the saddle and living the whole of life.  Our aim is simple.  We restore vitality. 


Why waste your time with a nurse practitioner or a women's health physician (gynecologist)?  Why waste your time with an inexperienced under-trained long-distance online computer "doctor".   In fact, why waste time with any non-urologist?   All of our physicians are board-certified urologists and all are males.  We have the understanding, as well as the experience. 

We offer comprehensive and personalized treatment plans, helping you take control of your sexual health and well-being.  If you are ready to regain your edge, we invite you to book your visit now, or call us at (985)345-5500 to schedule a consultation with one of our men's health sexual medicine (ED) urology specialty physicians on the Northshore .. Mandeville / Covington, Slidell, or Hammond / Ponchatoula.


Call us or book your appointment online now.  Here's looking forward to helping you jump-start your journey to better sexual health. 

Erectile Dysfunction .. Is It Reversible?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a problem that effects millions of men as they age and acquire medical problems.  ED is very commonly associated with smoking, vascular disease, and 'metabolic syndrome'.  Metabolic syndrome is an ever growing problem in the Western world, effectively representing a combination of obesity, insulin resistance (pre-diabetes / diabetes), hyperlipidemia (elevated blood cholesterol / fats), hypertension (high blood pressure), and hypogonadism (low testosterone). 


Although ED can be successfully treated in practically every case, might it be that ED could actually be reversible in some cases?  A cross-sectional data analysis of the National Health and Nutritional Examination Survey found that a low inflammatory or Mediterranean diet was effective in reducing ED or even restoring normal erectile function.  Obviously, smoking cessation, alcohol moderation, exercise, and weight loss may help, but the idea that ED might actually be reversed is a concept whose time has come.

Never trust this important part of your health to a less qualified health care personnel.  See one of our board-certified urology men's health experts to learn more.

Could ED Medications Have Heart Health Benefits?

The first phosphodiesterase type-5 inhibitor (PDE5i) clinical trails used sildenafil (later to be named Viagra) to study the effects of the drug in heart disease.  Many male heart patients also suffered with ED, of course.  Such early clinical trails led to the unexpected discovery that PDE5i medications like sildenafil could effectively treat ED.  Sildenafil was further studied and repurposed as an ED medication.  We all know the rest of that story.  However, doctors ever since have wondered if the PDE5i medications like Viagra (sildenafil), Cialis (tadalafil), Levitra (vardenafil), and Stendra (avanafil) might indeed promote heart health, as originally intended. 


PDE5i medications have indeed been proven to be safe and effective when used in accordance with particular medical precautions.  Certain medications such as nitrates (and others) may not be used with PDE5i medications.  Of course, ED is commonly associated with vascular disease and diabetes, increasing the risk of heart attack and stroke.  Because of this increased risk, cardiovascular and metabolic screening is always recommended for our patients.  Patient's with physical causes of ED should strongly consider screening for heart disease, even if they have no obvious symptoms beyond the ED.


Despite the known association of ED with heart and vascular disease and diabetes, there is some encouraging news.  A recent retrospective observational insurance claim database analysis of over 70,000 men with ED and increased risk of heart disease found that the use of PDE5i medications may be cardioprotective.  In this study, not only did men using PDE5i medications have significantly fewer heart and vascular complications, men who were prescribed sildenafil, tadalafil or other PDE5i medications were also found to have a decreased mortality rate.  This recent observational study cannot definitely provide the answer to this important question, but the study does provide more evidence of the potential benefits of PDE5i medications beyond the obvious benefits of these medicines in the management of ED.


Another study of men with diabetes and coronary artery disease found that the presence of ED was a "powerful predictor of cardiovascular morbidity (complications) and mortality (death)."  Findings from this study also suggested a trend in improvement of heart disease outcomes when men with ED used PDE5i medications for treatment of their ED.  If the results of these and similar studies can be confirmed in well designed clinical trials, it may then be definitively recognized that PDE5i medications used for ED actually also help prevent heart and vascular complications and may even extend life.

To learn about treatment options in eliminating ED give us a call or book your appointment online with one of our specialty physician experts.  Indeed, there is a treatment for every man!

Our Men's Health Urology Specialty Practice
Urologist Testosterone Specialty Physician

Welcome to the Northlake Urology, the Northshore region's first choice in men's health and wellness.  Because of our experience and proven success in caring for the distinctive needs of men, we are the preferred men's health specialty clinic on the Northshore.  Our experienced board-certified urologists use state-of-the-art techniques to evaluate and manage erectile dysfunction (ED), ejaculatory dysfunction (rapid ejaculation, delayed ejaculation), orgasmic dysfunction (anorgasmia), hypogonadism (low testosterone), and associated problems. 


We see patients for face-to-face office evaluations in any of our three private and convenient office locations in Mandeville/Covington, Slidell, or Ponchatoula/Hammond.  We also see patients via a private encrypted telemedicine platform, if desired.   


ED, ejaculatory problems, and all forms of sexual dysfunction are personal issues.  In these circumstances men must never be asked to see a nurse practitioner or any non-urology physician whatsoever.  Therefore, avoid the fly-by-night non-urology 'men's clinics' in every town and city .. and never settle for less than a truly qualified male urology physician. 


All of our physicians are very experienced board-certified urologists and all of our doctors are male!  We understand the problem. We understand privacy.  And we understand the importance of getting it fixed! 


Unique to our organization is the ownership and oversight of our men's health specialty clinic by board certified urology specialist, Dr. Stephen Watson.  Dr. Watson has spent his entire professional carrier providing men's specialty healthcare, effectively alleviating hypogonadism (low testosterone), erectile dysfunction (ED), ejaculatory disorders, prostatitis, and a vast array of other serious men's health issues.  Dr. Watson's mission is to restore energy, vitality, performance, and longevity by thoroughly evaluating patients for any men's health issue, always putting the safety and well-being of his patients first.  Trust your care only to a true urology men's specialty physician.  We arere here to help.  Call us today!


Schedule your appointment here now ..

Taking care of men's urology healthcare needs for over 20 years.
Experience counts!

Direct Cash Payment Accepted

We accept most health insurance, healthshare ministry arrangements, Medicare or discount direct cash payments for in-office visits and telehealth consultations.

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