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Female UTI
Female UTI

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Recurrent urinary tract infections (UTI) are one of the most common medical problems effecting adult women, accounting for millions of dollars in healthcare expenditures, lost wages, and damaged life quality.  Women effected by symptoms of urinary burning, frequent urination, pelvic pain, bladder pressure, cloudy urine, urine odor, and even bloody urine often seek care in the wrong places.  Women thus effected are often only briefly evaluated at a busy urgent care center or perhaps at a busy primary care clinic.  In these circumstances, less well-trained healthcare providers always try to help, but often cannot prevent the quick recurrence of symptoms within a few short days or weeks.  Urology specialty care is needed in these cases.


Our urologists at Northlake Urology meet frustrated new patients weekly; patients who have suffered this same recurrent cystitis (UTI) scenario prior to establishing care with us.  Urology specialty care can really make the difference!  Each patient is unique, so our treatment plans reflect the needs of each women individually.  Evaluation is aimed at eliminating potentially serious causes of true bacterial cystitis, then moving quickly to proven treatments and preventative supplements and therapies. 


We can help and look forward to doing so.  Call us today to get started or book your urology specialty evaluation online now.

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We accept most health insurance, healthshare ministry arrangements, Medicare or discount direct cash-payments for in-office visits and telehealth consultations.

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