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Nurse Check-in
Welcome to your Northlake Urology Telehealth Check-in

Welcome to your Northlake Urology (aka. Medcare One) telemedicine check-in page.   Your visit today will be performed using a secure, private, audiovisual internet connection, without need to download apps or programs. 


Telehealth is new to most of us, but events this year have created a need for these services.  For better or worse, insurance powers-that-be now mandate both audio and visual evaluation, where possible.

To complete a telemedicine visit today you'll need the following:

  • Laptop (preferred) / tablet / Android phone / iPhone

  • Windows 10 or Mac OS computer with updated operating systems

  • Google Chrome browser (alternative updated browsers: Safari, Microsoft Edge or Samsung)

  • in your computer / phone settings, turn on permissions for Google Chrome to use your microphone and camera

  • PIN (identification number which we will supply when we telephone you at the time of your appointment)

  • insurance card (if any)

  • drivers license or ID card

  • credit or debit card

  • a pen and paper (or equivalent) to take notes

Just like visiting the doctor's physical office, your visit consists of three consecutive parts:

  • check-in

  • doctor visit

  • check-out

Your appointment begins with a telephone call placed to you from Kim, our medical assistant.  Kim will provide you with your unique four-digit PIN number.  It will be necessary to enter this number when prompted to do so.  Kim will text message or email you with a link to begin the telehealth visit.  Follow the link from your text message or email or click here for Dr. Watson and click here for Nathan).  Then enter your PIN and begin your visit with us.  If there are any problems during this process, just give us a call at (985) 345-5500.

Once you are inside our virtual reception area, Kim will walk you through the short check-in process.  You'll be able to submit your payment (by credit card or debit card), submit any new insurance information and answer a few short medical questions in preparation to see the doctor.


After completing the check-in process with Kim, simply repeat the process by again following the same link for Dr. Watson or for for Nathan, enter the same PIN and the doctor will be visiting with you soon thereafter!  Again, if there are any problems at all, call us immediately.


Thank you for entrusting your care to us!  We will look forward to seeing you in person as soon as feasible for you.

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Taking care of your urology health ..

even in under challenging circumstances

We accept most health insurance, healthshare ministry arrangements, Medicare or discount direct cash-payments for in-office visits and telehealth consultations.

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