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1665 Dove Park Road, Mandeville, Louisiana  70471

1150 Robert Blvd., Slidell, Louisiana  70458

Direct Cash Payment Options

Northlake Urology accepts direct-pay, cash-pay and self-pay patients for urology specialty evaluation and treatment in our Mandeville, Slidell and Hammond urology offices.  Cash, major credit cards and PayPal are accepted.  Rates are reasonable and customary and always discounted for those who prefer cash-payment. 


Paradoxically, the 'Affordable Healthcare Act of 2010' has actually made healthcare unaffordable for many working people.  We understand that even when our patients are 'covered' by insurance, high deductibles make getting the care they need difficult.  We can help.

Not only will we discount our professional fees, we will also help you with other discount cash-pay health services, including less expensive imaging (x-rays, CT scans, MRI) and discounted lab work.  Simple x-rays for kidney stones go for as little as $35 and CT scans cost as little as $250.  There are multiple test lab panels (blood work) designed specifically for men and for women that may be purchased for less than $100.

Additionally, we'll also offer options for you to receive most of your urology care to be managed from the convenience of your cell phone, tablet, computer or land-line telephone (your choice).  These telephonic medical services allow you to fill / refill prescriptions, converse with your doctors and make most healthcare decisions from your home or work.  These very affordable time-saving services are not covered by typical health insurance.  However, you may come to appreciate significant value of these convenient health services in terms of time saved, travel saved, avoidance of exposure to other sick folks, insurance co-payment savings and insurance deductible savings.  Maybe this is something we all should consider.

Give us a call, send us a message or schedule your appointment on-line today.  We're happy to answer your questions, help you understand your options and do our best to enhance your general health, urology health and well being.

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