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NEW Womens Incontinence Eval PONCHATOULA

Let's go. We're ready to get started!

  • 1 h
  • Insurance / Cash Pay
  • Ponchatoula Office

Service Description

You'll be scheduling a one-to-one urology specialty evaluation by Dr. Stephen Watson in our Ponchatoula office. One hour will be set aside for your face-to-face medical interview, medical exam and consultation. More or less time may be used, depending on the situation. You may tell Dr. Watson about your symptoms, test results (if any have been previously performed), concerns or even your worries. Dr. Watson will listen, consider all options and make recommendations based upon his in depth assessment of your findings along with his intensive training and years of surgical and non-surgical urology experience. Dr. Watson is a people person who will put you at ease immediately and help you feel at home with us. Whether there be an unexpected urology problem, a need for a second opinion, irritating symptoms or just a worry about something potentially serious, no problem is too big or too small. Dr. Watson will explain all the options and outline a plan to get better. During your visit you may discuss common symptoms such as incontinence (accidental loss of urine), frequent urinating, urgent urinating, nocturia (nighttime urinating), pelvic pain, and other concerns. Dr. Watson has years of experience with incontinence care in women and will evaluate your specific needs, explain options, and outline recommendations. Some patients require dietary changes, natural supplements, bladder retraining, biofeedback therapy, pelvic floor therapy, neuromodulation, bladder medications, estrogen, testosterone, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), or even Botox. Other patients need genomic molecular microbial testing to identify bacteria that may be responsible for some urinary problems. No matter the need, Dr. Watson will analyze your situation and provide direction that you may be missing. Just click the 'Book It' button and select a date and time when you are free. We will confirm your appointment by telephone and answer any questions you may have at that time.

Cancellation Policy

For cancellations, kindly extend us courtesy by calling us at (985) 345-5500 at least one full business day in advance of your scheduled appointment.

Contact Details

  • 165 West Oak Street, Ponchatoula, LA, USA

    + (985) 345-5500

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